Growing up in the Navy afforded my family a chance
to live at Carolina Beach, NC which eventually became
my family's home. I returned in 1989 to North Carolina  
after 23 years in Arkansas. I have always enjoyed
cooking and did some catering while living in Arkansas.
After adopting our English Springer Spaniel, Tippy
Tyler II, we discovered Tippy had severe ear infections
brought on by food allergies. By eliminating various
foods, mainly grains, from his diet we found Tippy's
ears were clearing and staying healthy. Finding it hard
to locate natural or organic dog treats, I made treats for
him using healthy ingredients.  It was not long afterwards
that I thought I could do this on a larger scale and
opened a shop. That was 2004 and I was on my way.  I
developed four flavors of treats to offer to my four-
legged customers and all have been well received.  It has
been very rewarding to offer healthy,wholesome,
nutritious treats  to pets with digestion problems or
food allergies as well as those who love all ingredients.
Our mission is to educate our customers on the benefits
of healthy foods for their pets.