Coastal K-9 Bakery's doors were opened in November 2004 by me, Jackie Oakes.  It is my desire to offer   to our pet friends the best quality dog treats possible.  All of our treats are made of human-grade, organic   and natural ingredients.  We use NO sodium, sugars, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives or animal fats   or oils in our treats.  We offer six flavors:  Chicken & Rice, Peanut Butter, Bark-B-Q Ribs, Apple Oatmeal,    Salmon, Parmesan Cheese. Two flavors are gluten free; they are Garden Medley (sweet potato, green beans, and blueberries) and Honey Ginger Carrot Sticks .  These recipes are   registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and approved and recommended by local   veterinarians, and of course Tippy and Woodie, and our recent addition, Charlie (a rescued lab/golden mix).
 Don’t forget to enroll in the Frequent Diner’s Club where you received a FREE 11 oz. Box of treats after   purchasing 12 boxes.     We offer birthday cakes in three sizes as well as “staying in the kennel” cakes, cakes for graduation, births, marriages, new homes, adoption, and even “bark mitzvahs”.